FREE 20-Minute Video Reveals James Marshall's Black Book Seduction Secrets
"She calls him disgusting and bad... still gets picked up!"
Here's what you'll learn in the unreleased HD Infield Footage Breakdown of James picking up a fashion model in NYC:
  • Why you NEVER tell a model that she's beautiful - 2:32 
  • 2 steps to handle ANY objection she gives you (It doesn't matter whether she's tired, hungry, in a rush, or has a boyfriend once you do this…) - 4:30
  • How to tell if a girl is a model so you can be part of the 5% of men that actually sleep with them- 2:14
  • What to do the moment a girl challenges you (most guys screw this up and that's why they're not getting laid) - 8:33
  • Why "I have a boyfriend" doesn't matter most of the time and the ONE time it does… (understanding this is the difference between being a seducer and a home wrecker) - 17:09
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